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Delicious Retouch 4

What is Delicious Retouch 4?

It’s a Photoshop plugin that will make your portrait and body retouching FASTER and EASIER.

But unlike other plugins, it will not make your portraits fake-looking.
This panel will bring powerful retouching tools to your workflow, with enough control to adapt your needs and style.
Subtle everyday retouch, or flawless magazine-style closeup? The result is in your hands.

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Delicious Retouch 4.0 for CC 

Delicious Retouch 4.0 for adobe CS6


How to Activate License Key for Delicious Retouch 4.1.3 2020-

License key list:-

All Key's Listed Below Download and try one by one:- 


“Delicious Skin v4”
Skin Smoothing Tools
Frequency Separation
“Tone Changer”
Smart Liquify
Stamp Current and Below

Fueled by cutting edge contents 

Control (Nearly) Everything 

DR4's worked in exchange with sliders and alternatives gives you power over immensely significant highlights. Regardless of what picture you are chipping away at, how the final product is going to turn is in every case upward to you. 

Flavorful Skin v4 

Flavorful Skin v4 is the main device on the board, and it's the most magnificent. It smoothes out the skin and expels imperfections and skin break out like there's no tomorrow. You simply select the face and apply the impact with a brush! 

Scrumptious Skin produces incredible outcomes naturally, however you can tweak it by altering the settings. What's more, you can even bunch run the content on every single opened picture. 

Skin Smoothing Tools 

"Neighborhood Smoother" and "Surface Smoother", 2 additional devices that will give you, much more, control smoothing out different skin issues. You can set precisely how and the amount to smooth the skin with surface and smoothing sweep, edge, and force sliders. 


Incredible apparatus for cleaning the skin from a wide range of spots, earth, cosmetics tumble off, or even facial hair! This will spare you heaps of time where doing this with a recuperating brush would take until the end of time. 

Recurrence Separation 

Never knew about Frequency Separation? It's a well known system that will enable you to fix all the typical facial issues like expelling wrinkles, sacks under eyes, and imperfections, by partitioning your picture into two separate recurrence layers. DR4's recurrence detachment content will make the procedure simpler and more exact than utilizing activities or doing it physically. 

Tone Changer 

Tone changer is a stunning device that can be utilized for different tone modifications, such as changing skin tone, coordinating skin tones in various pieces of the picture, rectifying tones, or notwithstanding for avoiding and consuming. 

avoiding and Burning 

Avoiding and Burning is a modifying strategy used to specifically obscure and help territories of the picture. This content will enable you to make essential layers rapidly alongside adjustment and visual assistance layers. 

Brilliant Liquify 

Applies Liquify channel to a brilliant item, so you can change the liquify whenever. In any case, what's shockingly better, this content enables you to refresh the substance of the liquify layer, so you can change any layers underneath liquify and after that update it with a solitary snap. 

Stamp Current and Below 

This instrument will make another layer from the present and every single unmistakable layer beneath, disregarding layers above. That is equivalent to Photoshop's Stamp Visible, yet you don't need to mood killer layers above.

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  1. You can download Delicious Retouch 4.0 for CC (crack)

  2. Delicious Retouch 4.0 for adobe CS6 (crack)

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  4. i have cc2014 extension window not showing what can i do

    1. Hello, if you are using 32-Bit or 64-Bit, Try to Reinstall the delicious Retouch and if again probes occurs, Try to Re-install your Adobe Photoshop and install as per your Bit Resolution.

  5. i have cc2019 for macOS , please give me lisence key

    1. Dear, it's not clear in which topic you are asking question! Kindly Ask Relevant Question or mark the topic properly!


  6. It writes "You have riched maximum activition attempt" during the activation process :( any ideas how to fix it? uninstalled reinstalled nothing seems to be working

    1. Hey, At first i would like to know in which OS you are trying the techniques?

      For window you have to take care of disconnected internet connection!

      �� If you really not understood do watch the video again! Or try contacting me at telegram!
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  7. i cant seem to be able in downloading access keys

    1. Hi, please read this post !


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